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Electric Transformer

Electric Transformers

Transformers are used to step up and step down the voltage for imported machinery and to eliminate all the negative transients in the electrical supply and also, to avoid the neutral wire problems, isolation transformers will be used where neutral wire is taken in the secondary usage.

Our transformers are of five types:
- Control transformers
- Auto transformers
- Step down transformers
- Step up transformers
- Isolation transformers
- K 13 transformers
System connection:                 Delta/Star or Star/Delta
Ratios:                                           1:1 and 2:1
Regulation:                                     Better than 3.5%
Power factor:                                 0.8 Lagging to 0.8 Leading
Di-electric strength:                       2500V AC for 1Min
No load current:                              Less than 5%
Leakage current:                             Less than 20 micro amps
Common Mode Attenuation:           100 Db
Core:                                               Cold Rolled Oriented Silicon Steel (CRNGO)
Salient features:
- Very high noise attenuation capacity
- Reduced coupling capacitance
- Suitable for higher harmonic loads
- Core will not saturate even if the applied voltage is high
Sizing machines, modern textile machines, embroidery & knitting machines, Gerber cutting machines, CNC machines, medical equipments, X-Ray machines, extruder machines, digital printing machines, educational institutions, BPO’s, IT companies, offices, computer education centres, villas, bungalows, malls & shopping complexes, internet browsing centres, etc.,