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Before going into the product details, an understanding of the various problem issues and factors will help to identify the situation, choose the right solutions and address/iron out the relevant issues. Some of them are presented below:

These are electrical disturbances during the monsoon seasons. In the event of lightnings, these spikes get transmitted through the distribution system and cripple all the electrical devices in their course causing extensive damage. These spikes spoil not only the electrical items that are switched on, they are capable of destroying even the ones that are in switched off mode.

Surges are formed during power switchover in the power grid by the electrical department, short circuits, storms, accidents, undersized electrical circuits, thin wires, etc., Surges vary in their effect. Some may cause immediate damage, some cause the equipment or device some damage every time they enter it, make it to underperform and ultimately incapacitate the equipment or device.

These are created by devices which convert AC power to DC power like AC-DC adaptors, UPS, inverters, batteries, printer adaptors, computers’ SMPS power supplies, laptop chargers, mobile chargers, various equipments that AC into DC.

Current harmonics and Voltage harmonics are the two types of harmonics. Current harmonics cause increases in the power distribution system and cause excess heat dissipation resulting in severe loss of energy. Voltage harmonics causes the equipments and the machineries to draw extra power from the distribution system than rated, usual and admitted current to cause dip in voltage. The result of which creates power insufficiency and sagging.

Electrical noises
Technically called EMI (Electromagnetic Frequency Interference) and RFI (Radio Frequency Interference), these electrical noises are caused by multiple factors like load switching, defective transformers, signal transmitters, generators, machineries, computers, computer peripherals, mobile phones, low intensity lightnings, etc., We are always surrounded by electromagnetic field and this will be more when we are surrounded by many electrical and electronic devices. Radio Frequency is when the electromagnetic field is very high.

Though not very damaging as spikes and surges, these electrical noises cause only minor disturbances to equipments and machineries like errors while functioning.

Our products can be broadly classified into Servo stabilizers, Online UPS and Transformers.

Their roles:
Stabilizer’s primary function is to stabilize the voltage and gives constant voltage. Due to which the electrical equipments are safeguarded and their efficiency increased .As a result the equipments life will be enhanced.

UPS provides power back-up in case of power failures or break downs and more acts as a power source standby in case of emergency. Otherwise, the sudden unexpected power disruption causes malfunctions to the electrical/electronic devices or data loss or interruption of work, etc., The back-up time is based on the capacity of the battery used.

Transformer is an electrical device used in a circuit to increase or decrease the voltage according to the requirement of the machinery in the desired output. While the very high voltage is dangerous to the electrical equipments, the low voltage will be insufficient to run the machinery. Both low and high voltages will affect the efficiency of electrical equipments. Transformers will be needed to step up and step down the voltage for imported machinery and to eliminate all the negative transients in the electrical supply.